California Wrap Runner

    Vegetarian Salads Wraps


    A gourmet Denver food truck born on the beaches of Santa Barbara. Wrap Runner is proud to bring the freshest flavors of Southern California to Colorado. We believe in eating well and playing hard, and we’ve heard that Colorado knows how to take the party outdoors. We combine the fresh flavor of SoCal with Colorado’s freshest and local ingredients at the events you enjoy most. The perfect go-to meal for the on the go, eat while you walk, savor while you mingle, devour while you explore moments you find in everyday Colorado. It's no secret, that's exactly why we crafted these unique burrito-looking, two-handed behemoths! Whether it's your first or hundredth time sinking your teeth into one of our famous wraps, certainly the sensation is exactly the same. Homemade sauces, locally sourced fresh produce, and savory meats perfectly balanced all the way to the last bite you thought you couldn't get to.

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