About the site


    Hi! So you'd like to peek behind the curtain a little. Well, my name is Rob. I developed this site for two reasons:

    1. Because I thought it was a cool idea.
    2. I wanted to see if I could do it.

    I'm very proud of what I have done with it. It is something I have done in my free time for the past 3 years. Many aspects of the site were written as custom implementations.

    Much of this is unseen to the user but rest assured there is a lot of labor in the software that accesses the database, sends emails, and even how the pages are retrieved and displayed.

    Some things could have used out of the box solutions but as well as being a pet project, this site was a huge learning experience.

    As with all software many other resources were used in developing this site. A complete list of third party tools and folks who helped can be viewed in the humans.txt file

    I hope that this site is in some way useful to you. If you have any questions drop me a line