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    Simply put: Phoodio.com is a site dedicated to finding food trucks. Some of the best, easiest and tastiest food can be found served out the window of a food truck. If you spend any time at a brewery, music festival, farmer's market or any other of the many venues where people gather you find a food truck with a line around the corner.

    But there is a problem. Food trucks can be hard to find or know where they will be. Owner and operator Rob set out to solve this problem after fruitlessly circling around an office park looking for his favorite burrito truck.

    A software developer, Colorado native and food truck fan, Rob spent his free moments building a code base that would become Phoodio.

    Wandering the streets of Denver on two wheels he would spot the trucks parked outside the many community gathering spots and smile knowing that finding these purveyors of tasty bites would soon be much easier than the current method of twitter/facebook/instagram comparison and research that had to be undertaken to locate his favorite grub.

    This summer we are proud to announce the release of Phoodio. It has been a lot of work and we hope you make good use of it.

    So login, create a favorites list and never worry about finding your favorite truck again. Tell them Phoodio sent you ;-)

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